The "Uri"

The "Uri" built in 1992 in Damstra shipyard Holland.
It took two years of planning by the owner and his marine engineer friend and one year of constructing.

The Uri was conceived and commissioned by a 60-year-old paraplegic, after he became paraplegic and he didn't want to give up on his biggest passion - sailing.

He has invested love and care in designing, sailing, and maintaining the Uri; she is a unique and irreplaceable treasure. In all of his travels, he has never seen a boat so uniquely optimized for the needs of the handicapped.

In the Uri every part is accessible for wheelchair.
There is a hydraulic lift that allows you to move from the upper deck to the lower deck.
The engine room is space out that you can move all around the engine with the wheelchair.
On the aft sundeck there is a hydraulic crane that allows you to go in and out of the water.
All the sails operate with motorized winches located inside the upper deck.
Over the years all the electronic equipment is being upgraded to a very high standard.

The owner is cruising the "Uri" every summer since he built it, people are always amazed to see how simple and brilliant planning can make the dream of wheelchair sailing happen.

The owner is about to sell his beloved yacht after enjoying it for 18 years.
We can't overstate the unique and rare opportunity that the Uri represents. If you know of a handicapped individual with unrealized dreams of sailing the seas, please—spread the word.